[TV-SHOW] Kalafina – Kalafina Arena LIVE 2016 at 日本武道館 (2017.01.18) (BDISO)

The concert was held for two days, September 16-17th 2016, at the “Nippon Budokan” arena. The final edition includes a live version of all songs on the first day, as well as other compositions dated September 17th, which have not been performed on the previous day of this live concert event.

As a bonus video on the disc there are two documentary shorts: ‘The Document of Kalafina Arena LIVE 2016 at Nippon Budokan’ about the preparations for the performance at this famous Japanese stage, and ‘Kalafina LIVE 2016 “far on the water” in Mexico’ about the presence of our amazing singing trio in the Mexican capital of Mexico City during the Latin American tour on February 20th 2016.

day 1
01 アレルヤ
02 believe
03 ~MC01~
04 storia
05 星の謡
06 neverending
07 胸の行方
08 ring your bell
09 ~MC02~
10 夏の朝
11 追憶
12 red moon
13 Magia
14 to the beginning
15 ~MC03~
16 blaze
17 destination unknown
18 identify
19 signal
20 音楽
21 ~MC04~
22 into the world
23 overture~in your eyes -Encore-
24 One Light -Encore-
25 光の旋律 -Encore-
26 symphonia -Encore-
27 ring your bell -Encore-

day 2
01 花束
02 君の銀の庭
03 ひかりふる
04 未来
05 sprinter

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