[Album] 玉置成実 (Nami Tamaki) – TAMAKI NAMI REPRODUCT BEST [MP3 320 / CD]

Artist & Title: Nami Tamaki – TAMAKI NAMI REPRODUCT BEST
Artist & Title (Org.): 玉置成実 – TAMAKI NAMI REPRODUCT BEST
Archive: RAR
Release Date: 2009.03.25

1. Brightdown -Electrostatics Mix-Remixed by metalmouse
2. Prayer – Brilhando Mix- Remixed by applebonker
3. Sanctuary -Instantiation Mix- Remixed by PAX JAPONICA GROOVE
4. Realize -KZ Strictly Uptempo Mix- Remixed by Kazuhiko Maeda
5. Heroine – Inner Light Mix- Remixed by DJ Deckstream
6. Promise -Dub’s Sentimental dub Remix- Remixed by Dub Master X
7. Fortune -Radiata Mix- Remixed by Yuta Nakano
8. Result – Drive You Crazy Mix- Remixed by Oddity
9. Shining Star ☆忘れないから☆ -Galaxy Sympathy Mix- Remixed by CMJK
10. MY WAY -Original Mix- Remixed by Tomo.
11. Reason -flash-forward mix- Remixed by Shinya Saito
12. CROSS SEASON -After Graduation Mix-
13. Believe -Evidence01 Mix- Remixed by HΛL
14. 大胆にいきましょう ↑Heart & Soul↑ -UK Club Mix- Remixed by THE WHIP
15. Believe -JXL Deep Vocal Mix- Remixed by JUNKIE XL

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